Dr. John E. Charlton

Registered Clinical Counsellor


I am a Vernon, BC based therapist who specializes in working with people dealing with Divorce/Separation, LGBTQ, and Life Transition Issues. I help individuals, couples, and families to find hope, peace, love, and restore balance in their lives.

I believe that commencing therapy is a courageous step, and I honour your courage to engage in the process by making the experience as welcoming and simples as possible. My aim is to help you achieve your goal(s) as efficiently as possible by providing you with the most effective therapy available for you.

Therapeutic Approach:

I am passionate about people and believe every person has a story to tell. I am focused upon meeting you where you are, employing empathy, presence and unconditional positive regard. I believe that when this is achieved, it creates a safe place wherein you can be supported to learn more about yourself and what you need to flourish.

I am a narrative, story based, therapist who utilizes cognitive behaviour therapy while drawing upon family systems and mindfulness approaches, in order to work with clients to help them become aware of the things one cannot change, motivated to change the things one can, and to know the difference. My goal, as therapist, is to support clients to gain insight about their own self and through awareness, live a more whole and fulfilling life.

Issues Treated:

Grief and loss
Health and wellness concerns
Life transitions or career issues
Marital and relationship problems
Sexual abuse or trauma
Stress and anger management


My schedule includes working Saturdays in order to accommodate students and professionals who have traditional Monday to Friday employment. Saturdays book quickly so please make sure to book in advance if this is the only day you are available.

I invite you to reach out if you have any questions or would like to explore working together.